Penny Luck Shoes Founder Brian Munoz

 Brian Munoz, Penny Luck Founder - American Dream Chaser


Penny Luck Shoes is more than just a brand, it's a legacy of craftsmanship and the power of luck. Founder Brian Munoz's journey from valet to designer exemplifies the importance of hard work, risk-taking, and luck. Inheriting a love of shoemaking from his grandfather Salvador Reynoso, who opened his own shoemaking business after immigrating to Santa Monica, California with nothing but luck on his side.

Today, Penny Luck continues this tradition with handcrafted shoes featuring pennies embedded in their soles to infuse the divine and essential quality of luck into every step. The 2020 pandemic almost forced the brand to close, but it has only strengthened our resolve to create shoes for people with dreams who are willing to push boundaries and go beyond limitations.

We invite you to join us on this journey to rebuild our brand become a part of the Penny Luck family. Share our story with your loved ones, not because we ask, but because it inspires you to never give up and chase your dreams.