Mark Munoz - American Dream Protector



Each penny on our signature lucky penny soles is put on by a U.S. Veteran. Penny Luck’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of Veterans with PTSD. Since Penny Luck’s inception in 2015, we have found various ways to give back and we continuously strive to stay true to our cause. Although we may be a for-profit company, it is not the money that motivates us each day to work hard and chase the American Dream.

Our journey to help Vets with PTSD has great personal significance. The first Veteran to join our team was US Navy Hospital Corpsman, Mark Munoz, brother of Founder, Brian Munoz. After Mark returned from two tours as a medic in the Middle East, Brian witnessed the struggles and hardships Mark faced. Brian has always looked up to his older brother as a hero and realized that if it weren’t for the men and women who have bravely joined our armed forces, the American Dream would not exist.

Shortly after Mark became a part the Penny Luck team, Brian was inspired by his brother to form a partnership with the Purple Heart Foundation. Now, when you choose to customize the year of your lucky penny, Penny Luck gives 100% of the customization fee to the Purple Heart Foundation. In addition to our donations to the Purple Heart, Penny Luck is working to launch an initiative to employ combat Veterans. Our mission to help Veterans is at the core of our company. We firmly believe that Penny Luck can be used as a vehicle for social change and we are committed to use the platform we have built to impact the lives of our American heroes.