Brian Munoz Penny Luck Designer and Founder

Penny Luck designer & founder, Brian Munoz was compelled to create this brand after his entrepreneurial journey convinced him that LUCK plays an important role in our lives.

Brian’s journey led him to network with some of the wealthiest individuals in America – he would ask these successful people what contributed to their fortune. Their answers all consisted of three factors: hard work, risk and LUCK. Brian never forgot this formula for success as he chased his dreams.

Anybody that knows Brian, knows his love for shoes - and it runs in his blood. Brian’s grandfather was an orphan of Spanish immigrants and worked his entire life to make something of himself. Forced to be fiercely independent, he became a shoe smith in the 1930’s. Eventually, he went on to open a store of his own, selling handmade shoes on Pico and Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica, California. Brian was inspired to use his business skills and continue a family legacy. Penny Luck was born from Brian’s desire to provide customers with the confidence and good luck they need to achieve their dreams. He designed the American Dreamer collection to be timeless in style, using the highest quality leather. Brian made these shoes for the motivated man stepping out to achieve their goals with passion.

Shortly after Brian started Penny Luck, Brian’s brother, Mark became intrigued by the Penny Luck brand. Mark is a U.S. Navy Veteran with his own perspective on the American Dream. He encouraged Brian to understand that the American Dream wouldn’t be possible without the men and women, like himself, who fight to protect our freedom. Mark was a medic and served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan alongside the Marines. This experience caused Mark to become motivated to find a way to continue giving back to his fellow soldiers. Mark saw Penny Luck as a chance to do just that. He joined the family business and Penny Luck partnered with the Purple Heart Foundation to donate penny customization proceeds to help Veterans with PTSD. All pennies on our soles, customized or not, are placed by Veterans. At Penny Luck, we are devoted to our cause and excited to make a difference in the lives of U.S. Veterans.