Brian Munoz Penny Luck Designer and Founder


The penny is the American symbol of luck & the inspiration behind our brand. Our signature lucky penny soles makes our brand unique. When you wear a pair of Penny Luck shoes, you wear your luck everywhere you go.

Penny Luck designer & founder, Brian Munoz was compelled to create this brand after a streak of bad luck. During his quest for success as an entrepreneur Brian’s journey led him to network with some of the wealthiest men in America. Brian would ask these esteemed individuals what contributed to their success. Their answers all consisted of three factors: hard work, risk and LUCK. The realization that luck is a factor to becoming successful motivated him to build a company established on the foundation of luck.

At Penny Luck, we pride ourselves on spreading luck, not just to our customers, but to U.S. Veterans. Penny Luck is dedicated to hiring Veterans and giving them a place to foster their skills. Every penny on our shoes is placed by a Veteran. In addition, we work closely with the Purple Heart Foundation and have donated thousands to help Veterans struggling with PTSD. Penny Luck embodies the American Dream and gives back to those who have fought to protect it. SHOP NOW & Customize your penny to commemorate a birth year, anniversary, graduation, business opening ... the possibilities are endless!