Each pair of Penny Luck's comes with our signature lucky penny soles. Penny Luck was built on the foundation that luck plays a role in all our lives. Our soles are intended to be a special reminder of this. We want you to wear your luck, everywhere you go!


Customers love choosing special years to commemorate, such as, birth years, anniversaries, graduations, business launches, etc. When you choose to customize your lucky penny, we donate 100% of customization proceeds to the Purple Heart Foundation. We donate to the Purple Heart to help Vets with PTSD. We are passionate about our donations and also seek to hire Vets as we grow.


Our standard soles come with heads on the right and tails on the left. We do this to keep the penny as a complete set (front & back). No need to worry about superstitions, since you didn't pick it up off the ground, it is NOT bad luck. In fact, many of our customers say our shoes are good luck charms.

All pennies are placed by Vets! Whether you customize or not, you are helping U.S. Vets. In addition, all items can be returned or exchanged regardless of customization.

After you have selected your shoe, you can choose to customize or receive random penny years. Upon checking out, fill out the notes with the year you would like your heads up penny. If you would like to customize both pennies or have specific pennies you'd like to send in, we are happy to accommodate. Provide any special requests in your notes and we will reach out to you if needed.