The American Titan Collection

Reaching milestones this week at Penny Luck. Our newest collection is open for pre-orders! The American Titan Collection boasts 5 styles and is inspired by, you guessed it, the worlds most noteworthy titans of industry. We’ve been reaching out to customers all over the nation who have selected their top 3 favorites of the collection- the Vanderbilts, the Rockeffelers and the Morgans.

The Vanderbilts are crafted just like it’s namesake; tall, bold and built to last. Wear with confidence because these shoes are meant to leave an unforgettable impression. The double monk strap detail adds a touch of class and a display of craftsmanship that cannot be ignored.

The Rockefellers are designed to stand out from the collection. Inspired by American titan John D. Rockefeller, these Chelsea style boots are unlike any other. The detail on this boot is truly something to admire, much like Rockefellers accomplishments. The smooth leather body of this boot is made of 100% full grain leather.

The Morgans are our long awaited penny loafers. We’ve put a modern day spin on these classic shoes. The leather strap across the top can hold a penny as it was always meant to, but when you wear a pair of Penny Luck’s you wear your luck on your soles. This sleek design was made to be a classic, the kind of shoe you can always count on to sharpen up your look.

Pre-orders are open this week and all orders ship out October 30th. Penny Luck is thrilled to see what these designs will lead to. Founder and designer Brian Munoz says, “This collection was inspired by my admiration for American entrepreneurs who have paved the way. I am excited to see what people gravitate towards, some of these designs will be limited edition, so if you like it, grab it now!”

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