Pennies on your soles! Some say we’re crazy, but we prefer to call it – innovative. Chances are, if you know style, then you own a pair of Penny Lucks. Our signature lucky penny soles are the talk of the town.

You can spot a pair of Penny Luck’s not only by our signature soles, but our unique designs. Our quality full grain leather comes in a distinct military inspired color palate- olive green, pecan brown and falcon grey. A shapely stripe of leather runs across the heel and our two-toned color accents accentuates each shoe design. At Penny Luck, we do not adhere to the fashion calendar. We do not cycle designs in and out according to what’s “on trend”. Instead, we focus on creating collections that are timeless. No matter what season, no matter what decade- Penny Luck’s are always in.

Stand out and wear your luck everywhere you go. Kick your feet up and let others gawk at your shinny copper symbol of luck!